Message from the Dean

Students and friends,


Haide College of Ocean University of China is a Sino-foreign cooperative institution approved by the Ministry of Education and is an international Sino-foreign joint college. It is an important achievement of the international cooperation between two famous universities in China and Australia, Ocean University of China and University of Adelaide, and also a significant platform for Ocean University of China to construct a first-class university, improve the quality of talent training and promote international exchange and cooperation.

The goal of constructing Haide College is to build a special teaching model and a joint research platform, to bring together the high-quality educational resources of both China and Australia, to highlight the characteristics of schooling, to cultivate high-level innovative talents with international vision and enable them to participate in international affairs and competition, and to strive to build the college into a model Sino-foreign cooperative schooling institution.

Therefore, for the students of Haide, we hope you.

Love the motherland passionately. Link your ideal with motherland’s future and your life with nation’s destiny , rooted in the people and dedicated to the country.

Have high aspirations. "The one who does not seek easy will make it, and the one who does not take refuge in things will make advance." We must be firm in our ideals, persistent in our beliefs, courageous in pioneering, tenacious in striving, and never get discouraged.

Seek truth. "Ask only for right and wrong, not for profit and loss". Bravely explore the mysteries and laws of nature and human society.

Embrace the world. Adhere to the concept of the community of human destiny, and develop high-level, composite innovative talents with international vision and scientific leadership.

All rivers run into sea,go around the world by virtue. Life is finite, knowledge is infinite. I put my hope for the future of Haide on you, dear young students. May you shine brighter and brighter like the sunshine in the morning.

Dong Junyu