1.Have an Associate Professor title or above in universities or research institutes.

2.Have outstanding academic achievements, excellent teaching ability and fruitful teaching results, be great influential at home and abroad.


1.Organize and carry out top-flight professional construction, personnel training plan formulation, and teaching quality assurance system construction.

2.Actively introduce and cultivate young talents, establish excellent teaching teams, carry out quality teaching researches and programs for writing teaching materials, and cultivate produce high-level teaching results.

3.Guide young teachers to improve their teaching ability, carry out demonstrative teaching activities and discussions, give lectures and organize seminars.

4.Undertake the undergraduate courses, and be responsible for lesson preparation and other teaching tasks.

5.Actively carry out advanced scientific research relying on the Sino-Australian Center for Smart Ocean Research. Promote the integration of science and education, and cultivate top-notch innovative talents. Preside over high-level scientific research projects, and guide postgraduates to carry out projects.

6.Keep good communication with students, and be responsible for guiding students’ study, including student practice classes, reports, seminars, student field visits, etc.

7.Participate in administrative affairs related to the courses, such as attending faculty meetings of Haide college, etc.


annual salary
RMB 500,000- 600,000
Associate Professor
annual salary
RMB 350,000- 450,000
Assistant Professor
annual salary
RMB 250,000- 320,000

(一)Those who meet the requirements can apply for all kinds of national and local talent benefits.

(二)Those who meet the postdoctoral requirements can apply for postdoctoral benefits in Qingdao. According to Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Funding for Postdoctoral Training in Qingdao (Issued by Qingdao Human Resources and Social Security Bureau[2019]No.3), as following:

1. Postdoctoral living and housing subsidies. The living and housing subsidy of RMB60,000 per person per year shall be paid to postdocs (excluding on-the-job personnel) in the station, subject to the actual time in the station, no more than two years at most. The total amount shall not exceed RMB 120,000 .

2. Subsidies for postdoctoral settlement. RMB 250,000 will be given to postdocs who leave the station after June 6, 2018 (subject to the final approval time of China's Postdoctoral System) and go through employment procedures in Qingdao within 6 months after leaving the station and settle down in Qingdao, excluding those who have been in Qingdao and in-service before entering the station.


Biology Science /Biotechnology
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/ Synthetic Biology/Bioinformatics/ Immunology and Virology/Biomaterials/Microbiology/ Structural Biology
Food Science and Engineering
Molecular Nutrition/Food Data Mining and Analysis/ Food Sensory Evaluation/ Utilization of Marine Biological Resources/ Dietary Nutrition related to Homology of Medicine and Food
Mathematics/ Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Statistics/Probability Statistics/Time Series Analysis/ Multivariate Statistical Analysis/Biostatistics/ Data Science and Technology/Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning/High Performance Computing


Curriculum Vitae
Other Documents
① monographs
② papers and periodicals
③ Copies of covers
④ award certificates
① ID card or passport.
② Certificates of appointment and title, etc.
① Recommendation letters from two domestic and foreign experts
② at least one letter from a foreign expert
① Working plan
② outlook during the employment period
① Abstract of doctoral dissertation。
(Only for Haide Assistant Professor)

Applicants will send the above documents (combined into a PDF file) to;

Please indicate the research direction and desired position in the email. After the preliminary review, the College will inform applicants to submit other documents or interview and follow-up procedures.


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