Haide College of Ocean University of China held the campus open day in 2021


Release time:2021-08-23

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On June 26, the 2021 campus open day of Haide College of Ocean University of China was held in Laoshan campus. More than 60 candidates of the 2021 college entrance examination and parents' representatives gathered in Haida park. The event was presided over by Zhang Linjie, vice president of Haide college.

Yu Zhigang, President of Ocean University of China, introduced the positioning, construction objectives and development direction of Haide college in the message video, and briefly introduced the basic situation of Ocean University of China and University of Adelaide. He stressed that the university is confident that through strong cooperation with the University of Adelaide, it will provide sufficient support for students to form cross-cultural communication ability, interdisciplinary integration ability, logical thinking, innovative practice ability and excellent leadership, lay a solid foundation for students' future development and create unlimited possibilities.

The academic student Department of the University of Adelaide and the staff responsible for the affairs of Hyde college, as well as the relevant principals of the academic affairs office, international cooperation and exchange office, undergraduate enrollment office, School of marine life, School of food science and engineering, School of Mathematical Sciences and Haide College of Ocean University of China attended the event.