Haide College Held a Report Meeting on the Situation And Policy of Haide College


Release time:2021-06-18

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On November 12, 2020, the situation and policy report meeting of Haide College of Ocean University of China will be held in the second conference room of the library. This report will invite Mr. Li Weidong to bring the theme exchange of home and country feelings, casting soul, open development and serving the country to teachers and students of Haide college. Qin Shanghai, Secretary of the general Party branch of Haide college, presided over the report meeting.

At the beginning of the seminar, Li Weidong introduced the great changes in the world in the past century, analyzed the profound and complex changes faced by China's development environment, faced with the existing challenges and opportunities, and exchanged his learning understanding of maintaining strategic concentration, opening up new situations bravely in the changing situation, and expanding opening up at a high level. Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation and other aspects of China and foreign countries were compared. The remarkable superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics was further explained. Around the spirit of learning and implementing the party's the fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee spirit, we encouraged students to further enhance the Four Consciousnesses, strengthen four self-confidence and achieve two maintenances.

In the following sharing, Mr. Li Weidong put forward some suggestions to the students, especially the students of Haide college. He borrowed the discussion of six bureaus delivered by the Ministry of education at the spirit meeting of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and proposed that students should understand the overall situation -- understand the general situation of the world, know the changing situation -- understand the current environment and the changes of the times, have a pattern -- set up a long-term goal for college students, make a good start -- the first step of university life, Good layout -- make academic arrangement according to the major, and break the situation bravely -- strive to learn well and serve the country.

In the speech and exchange, the students discussed with Mr. Li Weidong on the future study environment and policy changes. In combination with his understanding of international education, Mr. Li Weidong encourages students to take a long-term view, broaden their international vision, actively utilize the high-quality education resources at home and abroad, and grow up to international talents needed for national construction.

In the summary, Mr. Qin Shanghai pointed out that the new international situation and new challenges have put forward new requirements for the students of Haide college. Facing the new journey of building socialist modernization in an all-round way, Heide should grasp the characteristics of the times, promote the feelings of home and country, stand on the tide of the times, cherish the study time, exercise their excellent skills and become college students in the new era who take on the great task of the times.