Ocean University of China Has Been Approved As the First Chinese Foreign Cooperatively Run School by the Ministry of Education


Release time:2021-06-18

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According to the letter of the Ministry of education on Approving the establishment of Haide College of Ocean University of China (jwh [2020] No. 24), the non independent legal person Chinese foreign cooperative school running institution (license No. moe37aua02dnr202078n) between Ocean University of China and Adelaide University of Australia was officially approved. This is the first Chinese foreign cooperatively run school approved by Ocean University of China. Its name is Haide College of Ocean University of China.

The Institute has been approved to carry out undergraduate education, offering Biotechnology (071002h), food science and Engineering (082701h) and mathematics and Applied Mathematics (070101h). In 2020, the first batch of students plan to enroll no more than 300. Haide college is committed to cultivating innovative talents with international vision and based on China, strengthening the basis of intelligent data analysis, highlighting the characteristics of marine and international training, and building an innovative and exemplary International College.

The establishment of Haide College of Ocean University of China is to implement the national policy of expanding opening up, standardizing school running, managing according to law, and promoting development for Sino foreign cooperation in running schools. Based on its own development needs and Qingdao's unique urban advantages, Haide college cooperates with well-known foreign higher education institutions to run schools, effectively introduces foreign high-quality education resources, innovates interdisciplinary talent training mode, and promotes development It is an important measure to serve the major project of transforming the old and new kinetic energy of Shandong Province and the strategy of strengthening the country by sea, and to promote the construction of first-class universities and first-class disciplines, which also marks a new stage of international cooperation in running schools.

Correspondent: Pan Yanjun, Song Wenhong

Attachment: brief introduction of cooperative College

Adelaide University of Australia is located in Adelaide, South Australia. Founded in 1874, it has 3400 faculty and 21000 students. The University of Adelaide is one of the top 1% universities in the world. It is a member of Australia's famous eight research universities alliance. In 2020, the University of Adelaide ranked 80th in USNEWS, 106th in QS and 120th in times higher education. The school has five departments: Art Department, engineering, computer and mathematical science department, health and medicine department, science department and vocational department; Its mining and mining engineering, nursing, medicine, law, civil engineering and structural engineering, engineering chemistry, agriculture and forestry, earth and marine science, environmental science, geography, accounting and finance, anthropology and philosophy, biological science and medicine, food and nutrition, mathematics, computer science and information system and other disciplines are at the world's leading level.