The First Meeting of the Joint Management Committee of Ocean University of China And University of Adelaide


Release time:2021-06-18

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On November 24, the first meeting of the joint management committee of Ocean University of China and Adelaide University (Haide College) was held. Professor Yu Zhigang, President of Ocean University of China, Professor Jacqueline lo, vice president of Adelaide University, Professor Philippa levy and other members of the joint management committee attended the meeting. Li Weiran, vice president of Ocean University of China, presided over the meeting.

Yu Zhigang said in his speech that from the planning to the enrollment of the first batch of students, Haide college has made solid progress in all aspects, and the development trend is good. The results of cooperation have been initially shown. It is hoped that Haide college will take this as a starting point, cooperate with all parties sincerely, provide world-class teachers and courses, build a world-class international college, cultivate innovative talents with global vision, who can serve social development and enhance people's happiness, and jointly create a glorious development situation. He stressed that all parties involved in the cooperation should be frank with each other, tolerant and trust each other, seek solutions to problems and win-win cooperation, and move towards the common goal.

In novel coronavirus pneumonia, Professor Jacqueline Lo said that in the face of the difficulties and challenges brought by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the two schools and the Australian education management group worked together to carry out the teaching work smoothly and provide students with excellent teaching and management services. The challenges brought by the epidemic also prove the importance of global cooperation and exchange. In the future cooperation, we hope that all parties will strengthen communication and exchange, establish a smooth communication and exchange mechanism, and promote the development of Haide college to a new level.

Li Xinqing, President of Australian education management group, congratulated the first joint management committee meeting. He said that the establishment of Haide college is the result of the joint efforts of the three parties. The three parties have invested the best quality education resources, painstaking efforts and wisdom for Haide college. The cooperation between the two schools will occupy an important position in the higher education cooperation between China and Australia, and will also make outstanding contributions to the higher education exchanges between China and Australia“ The unique history and culture of China and Australia will provide continuous impetus for the future development of Haide college.

At the meeting, novel coronavirus pneumonia, Ocean University of China, introduced the challenges and future development trends of Sino foreign cooperation in running schools since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The work and achievements achieved in the course teaching and student management during the epidemic period were also discussed. Professor Philippa levy, vice president of Adelaide University, introduced the teaching work of Adelaide University and the education management of international students during the epidemic period.

Dong Junyu, Dean of Haide college, introduced the first batch of undergraduate students of Haide College from the aspects of enrollment, teaching, student education management, campus cultural activities, etc., and introduced the overall idea of the joint research center of wisdom ocean, which both sides participated in the preparation. At the same time, the two sides also discussed specific cooperation issues such as foreign teachers' teaching in China, professional course teacher training, Co Construction of courses, joint course matching, cloud campus, inter school exchanges, joint scientific research, etc. the two sides said that they would strengthen communication, work together, and make joint efforts to push their cooperation to a broader, deeper and higher level.

In his concluding speech, Li Weiran said that the participants discussed issues of common interest at the meeting, exchanged successful experiences and excellent practices in teaching management and student service, and hoped that Haide college could seriously learn from, promote and apply them in the construction and development, so as to cultivate outstanding students with higher quality and higher level.

Relevant leaders of International Cooperation Department, academic department, academic and student cooperation division, engineering computer and Mathematical Science Department of University of Adelaide; relevant leaders of international enrollment and marketing department, teaching and academic affairs department, global affairs and partners department, academic relations department, AEMG University of Australian education management group; and Academic Affairs Office, international cooperation and exchange office of Ocean University of China Relevant leaders of Haide college attended the meeting.

Correspondent: Jia Tengfei