Unlock Haide College of Ocean University of China, The Things You Must Know!


Release time:2021-06-18

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Q1. How to obtain the enrollment information and consultation channels of Haide college?

(1) Pay attention to WeChat official account of Ocean University of China, Haide college, or join QQ group (group number: 856925550) of Haide college admission consultation.

WeChat official account of Haide College

(2) Call the recruitment consulting telephone number of China Ocean University: 0532-66782426, 0532-66781723 (Undergraduate Admissions Office).

Q2. What is the nature of Haide college?

Haide college is a non independent legal person Chinese foreign cooperative school jointly organized by the Ministry of education and approved by the Chinese Ocean University and Adelaide University in Australia (license No. moe37aua02dnr202078n).

Q3. Is the students of Haide college enrolled in the unified way?

Haide college has adopted the national college entrance examination to recruit students, and the students admitted belong to full-time undergraduates of national general colleges and universities.

Q4. What are the enrollment majors and what are the enrollment plans?

The enrollment major is three major, namely biotechnology, food science and engineering, mathematics and applied mathematics, with 90, 90 and 120 students in each major. The recruitment plan of 2020 is shown in the following pages:

https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/3ehXzzSxE7d_ 3EboTKWC0A

Q5. How many students are recommended by Haide college to apply for the examination?

Shandong can consider the enrollment of the students with a range of 40000 to 50000 students. Please refer to the enrollment of the local cooperative education major of Ocean University in previous years in other provinces. If there is strong willingness to enter the school, candidates who have reached the corresponding batch or category control line are welcome to apply for the examination actively, but it is recommended to fill in the position ahead of parallel volunteer.

Q6. What is the strength of Adelaide University that cooperates with Haide college?

The University of Adelaide, founded in 1874, is the third university in Australian history and a member of the eight Australian universities, and is named as the five-star University in Australia. In recent years, the university has been within 1% of the world universities. 2020usnews ranked 802019-2020qs world university ranking 1062019-2020 the world university ranked 1202019arwu software World University Academic Ranking 150. The school has 3400 faculty and staff, and 21000 students (including 16000 undergraduates and 5000 graduate students). By 2019, Adelaide University has trained five Nobel laureates and 108 Rhodes winners, two presidents from Singapore who graduated from the University. Adelaide University has built the world's first organism that can be put into the natural environment controlled by genetics, the world's first visual computer chip, the world's first car video phone, and trained Australia's first astronaut.