You Can Study Abroad without Going Abroad! Haide College of Ocean University of China Is Here!


Release time:2021-06-18

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Haide College of China Ocean University has been approved to carry out undergraduate education. The system of study is four years. The 4+0 cooperative mode is adopted. The total scale of the school will reach 1200. In 2020, the first batch of students are planned to recruit no more than 300 students, and three undergraduate majors are set up, including biotechnology, food science and engineering, mathematics and applied mathematics.

The college will introduce high-quality courses and teachers from the University of Adelaide, and the two sides will jointly form a professional training program, which will be awarded undergraduate diploma and bachelor's degree certificate of Ocean University of China to students who meet the graduation conditions; After completing a school running cycle, the University of Adelaide will be awarded the corresponding undergraduate degree certificate after passing the evaluation by both parties.

Haide college will also build a joint research center focusing on marine biology, food and medicine supported by big data. After the introduction of overseas high-quality resources, Haide college will jointly undertake the task of international talent training and joint research, and further improve the level of discipline construction.

Based on China, the college is committed to cultivating innovative talents with international vision, strengthening the basis of intelligent data analysis, highlighting the characteristics of ocean and international training, and striving to build itself into an innovative and exemplary International College.

The establishment of Haide College of Ocean University of China is also an important measure for the university to promote the construction of first-class universities and first-class disciplines based on its own development needs and unique regional advantages, and strive to serve the major project of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province and the strategy of maritime power.

Since 1986, Shandong Province has become a sister province with South Australia, where Adelaide University is located. In 2013, Qingdao city and Adelaide City, where Adelaide University is located, have become sister cities, with increasingly frequent international educational and cultural exchanges.

As the most important universities in their respective cities, Ocean University of China and University of Adelaide will play a leading role in knowledge innovation and dissemination, and actively promote all-round cooperation in education, culture, economy and other fields between China and Australia, Shandong Province and South Australia, Qingdao city and Adelaide City.