Our College Went to Aolin College of Northeast Forestry University to Carry Out Research Activities


Release time:2021-06-18

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In order to further investigate the successful experience of Sino foreign cooperation in running schools, on the morning of March 15, Liu He, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office of Ocean University of China, Dong Junyu, Dean of Haide college, Zhang Linjie, deputy dean of Haide college, and Australia Education Management Group, together with a group of 8 people, went to the Olin College of Northeast Forestry University for research. Liu Zhiming, President of Aolin University, Yu Yang, Secretary of the Party branch directly under Aolin University, Zhao Lihua, vice president of Aolin University, Yang Hongxue, deputy director of the academic affairs office, and other relevant leaders warmly received and immediately held a research forum on the related work of Sino foreign cooperative education institutions.

First of all, President Liu Zhiming extended a warm welcome to president Dong Junyu and his party, and introduced in detail the management system, Faculty Construction and management, academic English teaching, teaching quality assurance system, etc. Vice president Zhao Lihua introduced the international curriculum system of Olin University, especially the foreign curriculum. Secretary Yu Yang introduced the progress in Party building since the establishment of the college, especially the student activities with the characteristics of Sino foreign cooperation in running schools. Yang Hongxue, deputy director of the academic affairs office, introduced the start of the revision of the 2022 talent training plan of the University, and highly affirmed and strongly supported the reform of theoretical teaching and experimental teaching currently carried out by Olin university through trial and error.

Later, Dean Dong Junyu of Haide college thanked president Liu for his detailed introduction and introduced the basic situation of Heide college. The two sides have conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the distribution of teaching resources, the construction of teachers and the management of teaching in Chinese and foreign cooperative schools. Dean Dong said: Aolin college has accumulated valuable experience in the work of Sino foreign cooperation in running schools. The work style of Olin College Based on itself and innovation has important reference value for the growth and development of Heide college. We hope that in the future, we will strengthen exchanges with Donglin, jointly build a global scientific research platform, share high-quality resources from foreign countries, promote exchanges between the students of the two schools and improve the quality of the two schools in China foreign cooperation.

After the meeting, under the leadership of president Liu Zhiming, a team of staff from Haide college visited the office area, multifunctional academic report hall, wisdom classroom, psychological counseling room and student activity room of Olin college.

In this survey, both sides fully exchanged views and reached consensus in combination with existing management system and professional settings, and laid a good foundation for the future cooperation and exchange between the two sides.